RIS1530PLT and You: We can help you get your vehicles on the right tracks

In April 2006, the Rail Standards and Safety Board (RSSB) issued Rail Industry Standard 1530PLT to define the engineering acceptance of possession-only rail vehicles and associated equipment. The standard has been mandated by Network Rail and applies to existing and new-design possession-only rail vehicles.

Derailment Assessment and the Certification Process

Part of the certification process involves a Prevention of Derailment Assessment and this is described in Technical Note TN-036, published by the RSSB. This assessment involves a combination of static wheel load testing to ensure the vehicle unloads safely when on a cant and a dynamic test involving a set range of manoeuvres and a 16-mile round trip.

MyTestTrack.com’s facilities at Wirksworth are the only fully-approved test track for TN-036 dynamic testing.

How MyTestTrack.com can help you

We are fully prepared to provide you with the facilities you need to perform dynamic testing under TN-036. Our facilities at Wirksworth will provide you with a full range of support for you to take your vehicles through the dynamic testing process, observed by the Vehicle Acceptance Body of your choice. We provide:

  • Full briefing, mess and private office facilities for your team, including WiFi Access;
  • A dedicated Test Manager who will accompany your vehicle for the whole test process;
  • Extensive, secluded and secure storage facilities;
  • Basic maintenance and examination facilities for your vehicles;
  • A confidential service

We can also offer a range of catering opportunities for you and your team, flexible operating times and short-notice bookings.

We offer competitive rates and flexible pricing for repeat and series testing programmes.